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By @avkashchauhan Collection of content AI Courses by OpenCV Build with AI: Add cutting-edge functionality to your apps with machine learning Dive into Deep Learning - An interactive deep learning book with NumPy and NDArray

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Books, Reports, Documents (PDF)

Title What is in it?
Dive into Deep Learning - NDArray Deep Learning with NDArray -
Dive into Deep Learning - NumPy Deep Learning with NumPy -
AI4ALL - 1) AI 101 CheatSheet:
Computer vision Resoucres By Satya Malik
Deep Learning Visual Cheatsheat - Collection of various cheat sheet collection
Handwritten Deep Learning Notes Handwritten notes in Deep Learning
Interpretable Machine Learning By Christoph Molnar A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable - Book
DZone AI Research Guide 2018 A Report from Dzone on AI research
Driving Digital Transformation Using AI and Machine Learning - TDWI A Report by TDWI
Data Scientist Rerport by Figure Eight Figure Eight Report
Launching AI Project - Figure8 A Figure 8 Report
A Book on Churn A Report by Price Intelligently


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